Getting the clear perspective needed to effectively work through obstacles is among the greatest challenges for today’s business leaders. Successfully leveraging that clarity into immediate progress and long-term growth is the objective.

A well-chosen outside perspective can bring into focus a clearer, more realistic picture of the issues and can become the foundation to develop a logical path forward.

If you are a CEO, company president, or business owner who thinks it is time to address some issues, then a discussion with Rob Novack can provide perspective and insight crucial to identify, prioritize, and overcome the barriers to your company’s growth.

“Rob is a natural at his chosen profession. He is a logical, organized and focused thinker, and his opinions are always well considered and well supported with sound reasoning. He is a good active listener, and our conversations are always productive.”

– Dan Reisen, Founder/CEO, Virtu Floors, Inc.

Rob Novack can help you:

  • Mobilize around and prioritize complex issues and opportunities
  • Communicate in a way that leads to trust and collaboration
  • Elevate the team to perform at a higher level
  • Understand your people better
  • Promote a culture of inspiration and performance
  • Get beyond putting out fires
  • Evolve the leadership capabilities of your executive team
  • Have a long-term vision and a plan to get there

More than solely revenue, growth is evolving your company’s capabilities. You, your people, processes they use, and the tools you provide them with are all in play. In the best-run companies, they are all coordinated and working efficiently toward the common goal.

Rob will work with you to identify what’s holding your company back, develop an understanding of why those roadblocks exist, facilitate the conscious choice to improve, and help you to evolve to a better-managed, more predictable, and functional operation.

“Rob has helped me to focus on and understand the road blocks we face, the strengths we have that have helped us survive profitably over the past 55 years, and most importantly, the weaknesses that we need to overcome to achieve our goals.

Through Rob’s mentoring and challenging me to see all sides of an issue, I have seen in a short time a shift in my own thinking of how things ought to be done, particularly when important issues and opportunities come up which have immediate and future impact on my company.”

Barry Gerin, President/CEO, PM Industrial Supply Company

A well-run business is a balance of operational processes and tools utilized by a team of people to achieve specific outcomes. Solutions to the barriers of growth lie in an improved functionality across that paradigm.

Making improvements to processes, choosing new tools, and training staff to use them more productively are significant achievements. The deeper challenge however, is to lead your people to evolve as well.

“My management team is maturing in its ability to give clarity to what our priorities should be and how to implement a new dialog with each other. This is beginning to send a message to our staff, customers and suppliers that we will meet these challenges and the changes in our industry, head-on, with solid strategies to put us into the arena in which we aspire to be.”

–Barry Gerin, President/CEO, PM Industrial Supply Company

“His understanding of both business operations and human behavior were key to the success of our project. Rob not only understood what we had to do, but how people would react to proposed changes.  He gave us an insight that we would not otherwise have had.  He was able to provide guidance throughout the process.”

–Ed Spiegel, former CEO, Cast & Crew, LLC

“Rob has a demonstrated ability to effect long term changes in behavior and you know how hard that is.  He is also a uniquely wise individual who sees business opportunities and problems (which of course are really the same thing) at a very high level, a level that very quickly makes its way down to the bottom line.”

–Tony Materna, CEO, Teal Packaging, Inc.

A consultant who can clearly identify issues and affect positive changes that get your people “unstuck” and focused on growth adds significant value.

“Whether you are trying to identify and understand problems confronting your company, or you are already aware of issues but don’t know how to establish a strategy to address those issues, Rob provides real value to the process of getting unstuck.”

–Eric Belcher, CEO, Cast & Crew, LLC

“So far, the changes that have been made by thinking in the long term have had a very positive impact on the people in my organization, although it has not been easy. I can see that Rob’s guidance and philosophies are going to position me to have more choices than I thought we really had. He has shown me the value of thinking things through to the end and looking at every contingency for any given issue.”

–Barry Gerin, President/CEO, PM Industrial Supply Company

As a management coach and teacher, Rob brings unique qualities that set him apart from many of the other consultants in his field.

“I believe Rob’s most effective characteristic is his ability to perform his work with a minimum amount of invested ego, enabling him to maintain his objectivity and a clarity of focus.  I have never had a situation with Rob where I felt he was bringing his emotions into the discussion. In fact, when situations have arisen where anger and frustration have surfaced between my marketing consultant and me, Rob has been able to mediate the conflict quickly and effectively, and get everyone back on track and working constructively. His tools for resolving these situations are his patience, his determination and his ability to explain in depth the reasoning behind the actions of everyone involved. He is a master at interpersonal conflict resolution.“

Dan Reisen, Founder/CEO, Virtu Floors, Inc.

“Rob listened. He listened to everyone who was sitting at the table.  He was not quick with suggested ‘fixes,’ rather he facilitated the discussion between our management team and allowed us to discuss our issues in an open, honest forum.  Ultimately, through his guidance, this process allowed us to build a consensus for a strategy to address our pressing concerns.

Rob was thoughtful. Without pretending to understand our business better than we did, Rob was able to analyze and thoughtfully clarify issues, restate comments and establish avenues of communication within our executive team that did not previously exist.

Rob provided insight and perspective. In addition to dealing with our current issues, Rob’s process allowed us to examine our long-term future, and with that gave us some of the tools to begin the process of building an overall strategic plan for our company.

He built trust. Rob immediately created a level of trust between himself and our senior management team during our preliminary discussions that allowed us to fully embrace the process.”

Eric Belcher, CEO, Cast & Crew, LLC

It’s a difficult and sometimes intimidating decision to seek help. Business leaders don’t just pick up the phone and lightly call a specialist. Often issues have existed for months, even years before the call is made.

“(I was skeptical) because we feel we are a highly technical company and the issues were with long-time and highly skilled senior people. (I didn’t believe…) that a person from outside company and without any technical knowledge would be able to provide the help and guidance we needed.”

–Ed Spiegel, former CEO, Cast & Crew, LLC

However, once they’ve experienced the benefit, Rob’s clients find that it’s a comfortable relationship that can be called upon at anytime.

“Rob Novack has consulted for me at two different companies for a total of 18 months. In my position as CEO of a leading regional distributor and manufacturer of wood products, I hired Rob to help me integrate a new business unit into an established concern.  My recent endeavor is to bring to market a nationally distributed engineered wood flooring product, and I engaged Rob for this effort with no hesitation.”

–Dan Reisen, Founder/CEO, Virtu Floors, Inc. ~ 818.448.9385
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