Sounding Board Dialogue

Client brings topical or situational issues for discussion to this regularly scheduled meeting. Often, this is portal engagement that evolves into addressing larger business goals.

Management Consulting

Focus to promote improvement in the structure and process of the management program.

Leadership Growth

Program to improve overall soft-skill performance. Typically starts with CEO, and is appropriate for all senior executives. This program incorporates regularly scheduled sessions and journaling combine with situational analysis to promote behavioral breakthroughs in communication, ability to manage, accountability, and collaboration.

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts at the executive level reverberate negatively throughout the organization. The objective is to stabilize relationships and improve productivity of all participants. Journaling and situational analysis inform individual and group sessions.

Team Growth

Executive group participates in leadership growth program.  Improves trust, communication, collaboration, and accountability. This program’s purpose is to transform your executive group from siloed division or department heads into a team.

Strategy Development

When it’s time to be deliberate about the long-term direction of your company, this program on the Balanced Scorecard format is the foundation. Take your management team through a comprehensive process that includes SWOT analysis, Mission/Vision/Customer Value Statements, Strategy Map of Objectives, and the strategic initiatives to drive growth. ~ 818.448.9385
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